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I’ve been a fan of Animal Crossing for so many years; my first adventure into the game was Animal Crossing Wild World, before moving onto New Leaf. I am absolutely in love with it, and I’d love to be able to get playing some of the older versions, after watching countless YouTube videos. Of course, there are some ‘lessons’ that I’ve learned from AC that are actually just not true in the slightest. First, you can’t actually travel from the beach to an island without a passport and/or passing through strict border controls. Even worse, have you ever tried pressing a load of buttons to try and get an Air Hostess to stop singing? Don’t try it; Kapp’n is just a bit of a push over!

Though, there are also some very true lessons that I’ve learned from playing AC, and I can’t wait to share some of them with you today!


Everybody Is Different, for Better for Worse.

Possibly the most important thing that I’ve learned from Animal Crossing is that everybody is so different, we really cannot judge somebody by their looks!  Whether you’ve got Rolf, the cranky, or Peanut, the peppy squirrel. I always think of my ACNL town as being really similar to a class of school people. You’ve got so many different personalities, and there’s always that one super sweet guy who has a crush on the rudest girl in school. (I’m looking at you, Pete and Phyllis). Some people lie and wear masks too. Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve heard that Tom Nook is a human in a raccoon suit! Also, there is always that one character that you just won’t bother approaching because you think they’re rude and don’t like them. But for some reason, they just won’t seem to move out!

Life Isn’t Free

Okay, so Tom Nook will give you a tent and gradually a small house, if you promise to pay him. But, I think this in itself is amazing, as you can’t get a free tent or a free house in real life! Wouldn’t people be much more relaxed with their mortgages’ if they could pay them off as and when it suited them? Even the thought of it is getting me all excited, but realistically it’ll never happen!

Want to buy a dresser that costs 3000 bells but only got 1200 on you? The shame, you can’t have it. Unless you can go and get some from the bank and return, or you could always try and sell some fruit to Re-Tail as soon as possible. Gosh, if only I could go to a second hand shop and sell the litter on the floor. Wouldn’t life be so much more simple?! No more daily commute, no more 9.5. Just selling, selling and selling!

Friends Will Leave, and That’s a Part of Life

There is nothing more devastating than having your best in-game friend decide that they’re looking for a fresh start and they want to move out! Of course, if you’re an avid player who happens to talk to them daily then you may get lucky and catch them as they announce they’re leaving. But, it happens all too often that we’ll disappear for a week or two, and return to find that they’ve packed up and left, with only a goodbye letter to remember them by. 

‘Stuff’ Won’t Make You Happy!

Ever managed to find and visit a giveaway town on ACNL? If you have, you’ll know that there is free stuff everywhere.  My honest advice would be, just not to do it! Part of the fun of ACNL for me was looking for hard to find items; visiting the shop daily to see whether there was finally a Rococco Bed in store or not. When you have the whole collection given to you on a plate, the game suddenly loses its’ novelty and appeal. I’m highly contemplating starting my game again now, so that I can have the fun of finding new furniture and completing the catalogue all over again.

I’m sure that there are many more lessons that I’ve learned from playing Animal Crossing without even realizing it. If you’re a fan of the games, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned from playing it in the comments down below! Alternatively, you can send me a message on Twitter or Instagram!

Thank you so much to Chloe (who is an absolute hoot to follow on Twitter) for writing this lovely piece for my blog! The words are all  and photo in the post are hers, and the header image is my own.

Go and show her some love, and until next time,
Soph x

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