friday 006 // manicures and micro-aggressions

Hello friends!

This absolutely shit Friday I decided to go get myself a mani-pedi before heading out this evening. More often than not, I will up to do my own nails because it’s a moment that I get to just be with myself and focus on what I consider to be a relatively soothing task. For the times that I book in at a salon, it’s either to get gel nails done before a trip or because it’s time my hands and feet got a little extra care. Today was a salon day, the last of the summer gels needed to be removed and my hands and feet were feeling a bit worse for wear. Where I live there are plenty of nail places to go to and today I made a big ole’ mistake when I forgot that higher cost doesn’t always mean better value.

If I’m getting my nails done at a salon, there are three things I look for in a salon.

  1. Do I need to book in advance?

  2. Will they do a good job?

  3. How much is it?

Most other factors are irrelevant. I don’t care if the nail tech chats my ear off or doesn’t say a word except “hello” or “thank you”. I don’t really care if they have 1000 nail polishes to choose from or 100. I really just want to rock up and be like “please can you fix my uggo hands so I can continue on with my day”. Now, onto the faux pas of the day. There is a small family owned nail place by my house that without a doubt answers my 3 questions perfectly. I don’t need to book far in advance, they do an excellent job, and its less than £40 for a mani pedi. The issue I had with them the last time I went is that the nail techs are a little catty, a little bitchy, and a little racist. Cattiness and bitchiness I can deal with, but the racism is where I draw the line. As good as the manicure was last time I went, I wasn’t up for manicures and micro-aggressions - so I booked in with a chain nail place just a little further up the road. Now the chain place, kinda fit my criteria for a decent nail salon. I had to book a couple days in advance, the reviews said they do a good job, but it was kinda pricey. I decided this would be a treat myself day and I could really use the extra care for my toes so okay, fine I’ll do it.

This ended up being the worst mani pedi I have ever gotten oh my god why did I spend so much money on this.

The nail tech I had was a nice enough lady and my nails don’t look tragic, but they definitely don’t feel or look like they were done at a place that costs £57 for a “spa manicure and spa pedicure”. Keyword here is “spa” because there was nothing spa like about it. When she cut my cuticles back it hurt. That shit isn’t meant to hurt at all! The paint on my nails is thick. Like if it smudged it would crease thick. Oh but how would you know that you’re just specula- because it creased. Every goddamn finger is creased. I look like I have bedsheets for fingernails, I am actually deceased. All my toes but one seemed to make it out okay, except my big toe which smudged immediately after she said it was fine to put in my shoe. Sigh. Lastly, the lovely lady who did my nails casually let me know I should get a facial and consider purchasing some dermatologically tested products for dry skin and acne. Great, thanks.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough about the actual experience. By now, if you’re still here, I’m sure you’re like what the fuck is the message of today? Well, it’s just a reminder that cost and worth are two different things. Higher cost doesn’t automatically mean better value and sometimes putting up with a bit of cattiness for a damn good manicure is a much better use of time. I think next time I get my nails done, I’ll opt for Manicures and Micro-aggressions rather than Penny Pinching Pedicures.

Until next time,


・friday feelings・

listening to: The Princess and the Frog OST

watching: TED Talks on Where does the Fat Go?

reading: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

playing: Terraria!

feeling: conned out of a good mani-pedi