LUSH Review: Roots Hair Treatment

I take a lot of pride in my hair and particularly now as I'm living in England, my hair is a lot harder to deal with because of how dry it is here. Enter Roots Hair Treatment by LUSH! It's a leave in conditioner that really gets into those roots (haha, get it?). It was a product recommended to me by one of the girls in store and I am SO glad I decided to take her advice as it has been a God-send since I started using it a couple of months ago. 


It comes in one of Lush's signature recyclable pots and smells overwhelmingly like peppermint when you open it up. I love peppermint so it's not a big deal and makes me feel like I've just step foot in Christmas Town. 


So Christmas jokes aside, the main ingredient in Roots Hair Treatment is, of course, MINT! And boy is it good for your hair. According to the the back of the pot, "fresh mint contains menthol which is known to disrupt the hair fall process by holding onto each hair strand", perfect for people like me whose hair sometimes falls out by the handful. 

The directions for use are pretty simple: put it in, sit around, wash it out and bingo-bango-bongo beautiful, moisturised and revitalised hair! Enjoy my handy 4 step guide below: 

Step One: Realisation

Realise your hair is somehow both dry and greasy.


Step 3: Wash Your Hair

Shampoo. Rinse. Condition. Rinse.


Step Two: Roots Hair Treatment

Cover your head in the minty goodness.


Step 4: Revitalised!

Rejoice! Your hair is revitalised.


So in short, Roots Hair Treatment is one of the products I have been loving these past couple of months and would so recommend to any of you kiddos out there whose hair needs a little bit of extra love in the harsh winter months. 10/10 will definitely buy again! If you've got any other recommendations for dry hair hair-care then leave me a little comment below letting me in on the secret. 

Until next time friends, 
Soph x

P.S. This ain't sponsored but like always, if LUSH wants to hmu, click here.

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