LGB Cafe | Favourite Spaces HK

Helloo friends! 

I thought I'd make a bonus end of the week post because I was lucky enough to meet up with an old friend today! After what was way too much time apart we reconnected over the cutest little brunch at one of my favourite little cafes LGB. 

There are a couple of them on Hong Kong island in Central and Causeway Bay, but my favourite one is the one in IFC. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of a busy mall, you can sit down and have a nice cup of tea and a macaroon - a perfect little way to unwind! I normally find myself there after a day of running errands or meeting friends when we're on a bit of a strict time limit. They're reasonably priced and their portions are pretty decent if you're hungry. 

Their brunch menu today was $148 for an appetizer and a small main and included tea or coffee. We both started off with a mushroom truffle soup, which was amazing. The portion size was pretty big for an appetizer but it was delicious so I wasn't mad. I had a Croque Madame as a main, which was also pretty hefty after the big soup but it was still super good. The fries as always were fried to perfection but I think my appetite was satiated with everything else. 

Even though the food was enough to fill me up, I can't go to LGB without having tea and a macaroon. We shared a pot of Earl Grey and each picked up a macaroon. An individual pot of tea is usually $98 for one person, which is about two nice sized mugfulls. The macaroons are $20 a piece, which I always find to be a little steep but they are a tough dessert to make and they do taste SO good. 

Overall, it's one of my favourite spaces because it's reasonably priced, delicious, and convenient. I am a sucker for being in the calm of a storm, so I do love just sitting and reading a book and having a caramel tea while strangers rush about around me. It's also just a great spot to people watch, which I think is a very underrated pastime.

Anyway! That's all from me today. Thank you to everyone who has been reading these past two weeks, it's been a real motivator to keep writing. 

Love Soph x