May 2017 | Plan with Me

Hola friends, and happy May!

I'm finally back with a new bullet journal post. From about February through to mid-April my bullet journal went from perfectly put together and actually useful to bare and very minimalist. Life got in the way and I sort of just forgot to use it and I found that not using it helped all the other not-so-productive life stuff consume me rather than just relax. In short, instead of writing blog posts and essays, I was playing Tetris and watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Not that that's a bad way to spend an evening, but I like to be productive from time to time. 

Anyway, this month I fully intend to reintroduce bullet journalling into my everyday life and this is what this month's cover page is looking like! I've left a little space to add things in should they come up. 

For my weeklies, I decided on continuing with the full page squares because they've been the most effective weekly layout I've used so far. The changes I'm making are on the tracker/planner side where I usually draw a ton of boxes to categorise things a little bit more. This month, I'm trying to include a bit more colour with washi tape and stickers and leaving it a little bit more opened as the coming month hasn't got a lot going on other than personal projects. 

Other changes I'm making this month is if I haven't got much going on that week in terms of forward planning, I'm just gonna use the tracker/planner page for pictures! I attempted to restart journalling mid last month and because events and work are just not that busy, I've been sticking in full page pictures of my highlight of that week. 

That's all I got for now, folks! Hope you all have a lovely start to the week. 
Love Soph x