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Hello friends! This is a guest post by Asia from Golden Moment. As with all guest posts, they're here to share some a new perspective, hot tip, or something different that you wouldn't get if you were just reading my voice all the time. All views expressed here are theirs and may differ from what you are normally used to from me. Please be kind and open - there is always something for us to learn when we step outside our normals. - Until next time, Soph!

I can remember being a kid and cringing when my mother pulled out a bag full of used clothing saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. There have been countless times, as a teenager, that I have rolled my eyes and dragged my feet as my aunt announced we would be taking yet another trip to Goodwill. My god, how things have changed. Thrifting for vintage and pre-loved clothes and scouring antique and second hand shops for unique pieces of furniture are just a few of the ways I love to spend my time now as an adult. Only now, have I been able to truly appreciate my mother’s sentiment about “one man’s trash”. It seems that over the past few years thrifting has become very trendy. Whether it stems from a need to find more unique pieces than what is offered by fast fashion or whether it has just become the cool thing to do, shopping sustainably is a trend I can definitely follow.


It has been reported that the United States of America alone sends around 21 billion pounds of clothing to landfills. That is an absurd amount of waste that we all can do our part in decreasing by buying things secondhand.  Even if you are a little skeptical about wearing other people’s clothing, there are so many other items that are recycled and can be bought second hand to help better our environment. I know so many people who like the idea of shopping sustainably but become overwhelmed whenever they step into a thrift store. Having made thrifting my  #1 hobby, I have picked up a trick or two when it comes shopping at second hand stores. Here are my top 3 tips for thrifting newbies:

1. Set Aside Major Time to Thrift - make a day of it!

 For a thrift trip to be successful you must have two things: an eye for detail and patience. The latter being most important. There are racks upon racks of clothing and accessories in thrift stores and my suggestion is you look through each and every one because you never know what you may find. You may have to go to 2 or 3 stores before you find anything you feel is worth buying. All this takes time. If you can, take a whole day to visit the local thrift stores in your area. If you’re a thrifting newbie and you go into a store and browse for 20 or 30 minutes, you will either leave with items that are not of quality or leave empty-handed. So please take your time and enjoy it!

2. Make a List

 Thrift stores can be extremely overwhelming, so it is always a good idea to make a list of the things you want to purchase before shopping. This helps you to narrow down which sections of the store you should look through first, which will keep from feeling too overwhelmed by all the stuff! This will help especially if you are pressed for time.

3. Sign Up for Store Promotions/Coupons

 Almost every second hand store that I have been to has a day where items are discounted or they have a mailing list where you can receive coupons and promotional offers. Sign up for these! You will save so much money on items that are already incredibly affordable. Trust me, when you find those shoes you have been dying to get your hands on for $20 instead of $100 it will all be worth it!


When shopping for pre-loved items it is so important to keep an open mind. Sometimes you will run into smelly shirts or items that should have just been tossed out rather than sold again, but you will find way more valuable things than not. Shopping sustainably helps you to save money, employs other people and saves the environment little by little. And every little bit counts!


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