The Paisley Daze | Soph.Curates

Describe yourself like an Instagram/Twitter bio: 

New Age Rock n’ Roll Collective. Formed in HK. Making it in London.  

What do you do? 

Living in the 21st Century and everything that comes with it provides an extremely restricted space for creativity. It seems many are bound by and desperately cling on to what defines them, commonly known as labels. Therefore what we do is create music for the mind, body and soul. Plain and simple. And one of our main aims as a collection of artists is to breakdown these barriers which are globally entrusted to promote segregation of what we can define as a ‘type’ or ‘genre’ of music.  


How and why did you start?  

Me (Peefs, Leefs, Prefers) and my brother Kishan (Trippy Crippy, Large, Dish) always had an immense passion for music and were constantly drawn to all forms. Although we always enjoyed music a lot, our first love, like so many who grow up in England, was football. So naturally, we wanted to be footballers. However, like with so many, the time came around 10 and 12 years old when you realise you’re shit. So naturally, we moved on to our next love, music. Since then music has been all we ever think about. We started playing live from the ages of 11 and 13 and have always felt the most natural and at home when we are on stage.  

What are you currently working on/what should we be looking forward to? 

We are just about to finish releasing a series of singles which we recorded in Hong Kong last summer. These songs are ones we don’t really play anymore as the band has taken quite a different direction. This, as mentioned before, is the direction of no direction, if you will. Releasing the shackles of ‘what we want to sound like’ and simply sounding how we sound. We are already, and have been for a while, in the process of creating completely new music. The likes of which nobody has ever heard. So you should be expecting and looking forward to NEW music. In particular New Age.  

What’s your advice for people who want to get started?  

Do it. Find something you love and are reasonably good at and if you give it enough time, effort and dedication you will achieve what you want. Whether it be playing for the sake of playing because it makes you feel good, or if you want to change and help better the world around with your art. Another we promote with full force is productivity. By this we mean do something worth doing. Don’t just sit on your arse and be a wasteman. This we can’t have. The world has enough people like that already. Do it.  

Lastly, shamelessly plug yourself! 

Upcoming gig: 

Note from Soph: I picked these guys to headline music week as I've been supporting them ever since they first got started and I've never been so proud of a band. They've grown so much over the past few years and it's awesome to watch and hear them evolve. Personal favourite song is currently Ms. Browne!