2017 Plan with Me

It's here! 2017 is here! Gone are the dark days of the past year! To celebrate the new year and to start fresh on the creative year ahead of me, today we're talking about bullet journaling. So let's get to it ~


Polished. Classy. Minimalist.

Things are looking pretty slick compared to last journal. I've decided to try and make this year's journal slightly more functional and less arty farty, for the sole reason that it takes a lot of time to draw and colour in detailed pages and I found that that just wasn't working well for me. Geometric lines and simplicity look great and get the job done and that's what I want this year to be. 



Yep, that's it! I have no need for all the added extras of appointments, meetings, notes, or inspirations. I've found that my life is simply split between tasks and events, so that's all I've got. Since it's the beginning of the year the index has yet to be filled but I'm sure come the end of the year it'll be swimming with all the things 2017 had to offer. 


Unfinished but okay. 

Okay so these two pages aren't entirely finished yet but hey-ho sometimes I'm not in the mood to do things, but that's okay! 2017 will hopefully be the year where I gain some chill because I need it. Anyway, the important parts of this page is done and those are my trackers. I found they worked really well for me because I feel super satisfied every time I colour in one of the little squares. I also decided to do away with weekly trackers because all the things I track weekly can be tracked monthly so those have been added to the monthly 'homepage'. 



My weeklies/dailies have also changed massively in that I've got my little weekly calendar at the top instead of covering a whole page. I'm testing out this new way of working things so I can allot enough space to each day depending on what I have to do. I'm hoping this will also teach me that I'm allowed to have days where I do nothing and days where I do everything and that that's okay! 

And that's it for now. As you can see, I'm working on 2017 being the year of self care and love. If I can learn how to balance myself and my life without stressing over the fact that I'm doing too much or too little, then I'll call that a victory. I hope you all had a lovely new year and are ready to take this year by storm!