Since before I can even remember, I have been creating and honing my various skills. This is a collection of some of my favourite campaigns, collections, and content that I feel best showcases my abilities as a creative professional. If you're interested in contacting me to collaborate on a project or even hire me for a job, contact me here!

social media campaigns

These posts contain a selection of social media campaigns that I ran for the drama society throughout my time at University. I worked on the campaigns fully from start to end, from sketching out the first inklings of a poster to photographing, editing, and sharing the finished product.


As a hobby photographer, I definitely have the eye for what makes a good picture! I am hesitant to call this a true “portfolio” as these collections have been put together solely for me to enjoy. That said, if you need someone to snap some pictures of your baby's first birthday or your office holiday party - I'm ya gal.


Sometimes the 1000 words a picture tells is not enough. That's when I grab my camera and press record. I'm familiar with a host of various video editing softwares and currently edit all my videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. I shoot my videos with a combination of a Canon 5D Mark IV, a GoPro Hero 6, and my iPhone 7S.

Uganda gorilla trek

This a series of travel videos from when I went to volunteer in Uganda with East African Playgrounds. The first video is a half an hour long compilation of the 3 weeks we were there, and the subsequent videos are the short-form versions of the different sections of the trip.

Vlog/short form video

In the throes of unemployment I decided to make YouTube videos to pass the time and as an outlet to connect with my friends and family back home in Hong Kong.

I've been experimenting with various camera angles and editing styles, as well as trying my hand at building a recognisable brand as a young creative professional.