This is a nice little list of all of the other things I have written for an assortment of lovely people. Most of them are guest-posts for other blogs so if you're not getting enough of me here, you can find more writing down below!

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5 Best animated Shows on netflix right now

Niamh has been an absolute gem and let me come and talk your ears off about my favourite animated shows on Netflix RIGHT NOW! There are so many wonderful animated worlds you can get lost in that prove that animation is not just for kids. From feminist birds to sex positive teens, let’s get into the best animated shows you should watch.


3 Must-Have Cruelty Free Products

Today, Asia has let me come and talk to you about some of my favourite cruelty free brands that you just need in your life. Last summer, I got super stuck into researching and changing my skincare and beauty routine to include as many sustainable and cruelty free brands and products that I could, without skimping on quality, because me feeling beautiful shouldn’t come at the price of my furry friends. So let’s get stuck into my top 3 favourite products.


5 Steps to Getting Motivated

Tiffani is giving up some real estate here on her lovely blog for me to talk to you about how to get motivated. This is by no means the be all and end all of how to get motivated but I’m sure this little guide will be a good kick-start to get you off your butt and on the road to start achieving those goals…