Autumn Themed London Bucket List

Hello friends!

On Thursday, we had a little chat about the return of my bullet journal and I shared a little preview of my autumn bucket-list. I mean… is it really a preview if you got to see the things on the list? Anyway, here's each item on the list for you to copy. Don’t @ me with your comments on these super simple posts, Blogtober is 31 DAYS of content and I normally write that much in a year! Okay, okay, so I know this seems like kind of a pointless post, but what I actually hope to show you is that autumnal bucket-lists don't have to be all corn fields and horror movies. Nor do they need to be super generic “roast marshmallows” and “have a pumpkin spice latte”, because let's be real, I'm sure you're doing that anyway.


My little list is only twelve things strong but I tried to keep them focussed in on things that both George and I want to do for our last autumn in Europe. We also decided together that we want to try and make the most of our last few months in London so this bucket-list is also a reflection of that goal. In an attempt to spice this post up a little more, I've also added gifs in because a certain Fuzzbeed does it and their articles are constantly going viral. Anyway, I hope this inspires you to check out what's going on in your own cities this season, or even pushes you to finally carve pumpkins with your kid sister. I don't know your life story, but here's a snapshot of my next chapter!

Make Pumpkin cookies

Pretty self explanatory but I think I have an idea for a decent recipe for these ones! Also more content for me, so double whammy on the delicious baked good and tasty blogtober content!

Halloween Movie Night

George and I aren't exactly the scary movie type so I'm thinking popcorn and Hocus Pocus with some pumpkin spice lattes and maybe a costume? Tbh, that's all I really want.


Go to the Harry Potter Studios

We live so close! It must be done. Accio tickets because I'm going to Hogwarts.

London Comic Con

Another London thing that's been on the list but we haven't yet bothered with. Since I'm getting back into comics where better to spend an autumn weekend?


Bonfire/Fireworks Night

Remember, remember, to wear a damn jacket because it gets cold - and also fireworks! Can't live in England and not have a last bonfire night.

London Jazz Festival

I hope you see the theme with this autumn's bucketlist. We're just trying to make the most of London before we head home. Also who doesn't love smooth jazz?


See a show on the West End

Hamilton, anyone?


We really wanted to be in Germany for this one, but alas some things will have to wait. We actually ended up heading to Oktoberfest this weekend so some pics from that will be coming your way very soon!


Visit that “Famous Graveyard"

It's spooky season and apparently a lot of dead famous, and dead, famous people are buried in one cemetery. You can also get guided tours of the place so I'm assuming it won't be egregiously disrespectful to go see some famous dead guys.

Halloween themed games night

We love Spooktober, we love games. So we're smushing them together.


Carve pumpkins

Originally we were just going to make cookies and soup, but where's the fun in that?! Pumpkin carving pictures also coming your way soon enough.


Spooky season? More like soup-y season. It's time for soup.

And that's the list! Share it on Pinterest, make me one of those famous VSCO-Pinterest girls or something. I know twelve things doesn’t seem like much but there’s only 2 months of actual Autumn left so that’s about 6 things per month. Can you tell I’m into numbers and planning? This looks like it’s going to be a super fun season and I can’t wait. Let me know in a comment if I'm missing anything vital from my list, there's enough space in the bujo to add things and I've got to start planning for next Blogtober!

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