friday 005 // blogtober

Hello friends!

Welcome to Friday! I hope you’re enjoying all of the Blogtober posts so far. As always, I know it’s weir to go from one to two posts a week to one every single day for a whole month. Even I’m a little wigged out… so much so that I actually used the phrase wigged out in 2019. Maybe now is the time to bring back old slang. I could fuck with some old school cool right now. Anyway, today I just want to round up this week of Blogtober posts and have a small freak out abut the fact that it’s OCTOBER?! When did this happen? Somebody please tell me, I was not prepared and I’d like a refund. Jokes aside, I’m loving the crisp October air and the fact Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are back in Starbucks. If there’s one thing I am truly thankful for about living in the UK, it’s that I finally got to try a PSL and now it is one of those small pleasures I really look forward to every autumn.


I also have a renewed sense of energy this October. It didn’t quite feel like autumn in September - cough global warming is real and if we don’t do something we will perish cough - but now that the days are slowly shortening and the air is cold enough for me to cuddle up in my beloved red throw, I’m getting back into the swing of cozying up and writing. I’ve even actually started writing a book? Maybe two books who knows. I’m asian, so I guess over-achieving is in my blood. Want to write one book? Why not two books? Well, in any case, the writing process has begun and I have been writing all day hence my all over the place ramblings today. Right! Onto what we’re here for, a short round-up of this first week-ish of Blogtober (+ what to look forward to this weekend!)

To kick start off the month, I decided to take a minute to look back at what I had accomplished in the months before with a follow up to my mid-year goals I set back in June. Looking back I’ve actually come so far and it spurred me on to set goals for this season. Leading us straight into day 2, where I set goals for the end of the year, which will hopefully set me up to kick the end of 2019 in the dick! That sounds negative but I swear this is the kind of stuff that keeps me going. Day 3 was all about my autumn themed bullet journal and it’s cute little autumn theme with leaves, the grim reaper, and the overwhelming use of oranges, yellows, and reds. Ah, autumn!

Since Friday kind of falls in the middle of this first “week” of Blogtober, we’re ending this goal setting and planning week with my Autumn Bucket List and a final piece on How to Stay Organised this Autumn! I’m pretty hyped up about all things autumn and blogtober this year so here’s to making sure it’s the best it can be. I’ll be lurking as always in the comments, so if you have any suggestions or requests for what you want to see for the rest of the month, let me know!

Until next time,


・friday feelings・

listening to: Critical Role! We're almost at the end!

watching: Does Critical Role count for here too?

reading: The Defining Decade by Meg Jay… don't @ me.

playing: Redecor - an app where you do interior design things

feeling: cozy, autumn-y, ready for cookies!