End of Year Goals

Hello friends!

Yesterday we covered some updates from my mid-year goals and realised hey, these goal things actually work, so today is all about setting (and hopefully not forgetting) some end of year goals to push me through to the new year. Autumn and Winter have a weird finality to them that make me feel like I need to be wrapping up projects and to-do lists rather than starting new things, but who’s setting these arbitrary roles to months? I say any month is a month to start something new - so let’s set some end of year goals.

1 / Go Home (with minor to no complications!)

Okay, okay, so I’m stealing this one from the mid-year goals but since the move home is actually in motion, I can be more specific with this goal. Since we’ve known we are going to move back to Hong Kong for a while now, I think we’ve set ourselves up really nicely in terms of making sure there are few to no moving complications aside from maybe the odd snag in our shit furniture or maybe one or two forgotten documents. Nothing ever goes perfectly according to plan but if I’m in control here, I’m going to try my hardest to make sure it does.

Look at that VIEW! Can't wait to be living back here.

Look at that VIEW! Can't wait to be living back here.

2 / Get Leaner/Tone Up

As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter! I’ve been in personal training sessions for just over two weeks now and I am feeling so fucking good!? I actually didn’t think being a “gym bunny” was for me but I’m loving actually getting in good workouts and eating better, because I just feel so much better. As much as I ascribe to the belief that any body is a bikini body and whatever other body positive phrase you wanna throw at me, going to the gym and working for the body that I want makes me feel great. I’m not fussed about the numbers on my jeans or the scales, but rather what those numbers look like on me. Since it’s still early days, I can’t quite tell what the difference is gonna be but I’m happy that I’m finally taking my health and wellbeing seriously.

3 / Read 6 books

That’s 2 books a month for the rest of the year! Sounds super simple, right? I managed to pull off about 4 and a half books over the summer months and I’m sure if I prioritise reading a tiny bit more I’ll be able to smash my To Be Read pile before we hit New Years. Reading has always been in my life but since I’ve been prioritising myself and trying to incorporate daily bits of self-care, reading has skyrocketed to the top of my list of things to do when I need some moments for myself.


4 / Plan Content for 2020

This could be a whole post on it’s own about the things I want to achieve with this here blog and my currently dormant YouTube channel. The pressure of “being someone” and having a distinct personality online is something that I find very difficult to do because I’ve always thought of myself as kind of a kaleidoscope of a person. The framework is always the same but everyone who looks in is going to see something different no matter how hard they try to make it the same. Since having that realisation, I’ve decided to try and weave that idea into more of my writing and videos and hope that 2020 brings forth a new creative energy into my life.

5 / Worry Less

Ah, it wouldn’t be a soph.creates goals post without something kinda vague. Generalised anxiety disorder doesn’t always leave room to “worry less”, but since I’ve been taking better care of myself by working out, spending time with my friends, reading more, eating healthier, and all that other jazz you’ll find advised to you in any self-help book, “worry about everything that could go wrong in my life” has really fallen down on the priority list. I think I still have a ways to go in terms of the type of language I use in my every day life, for example, I always say “I’m so stressed” when I’m not feeling stress per se, but rather some kind of variant of the feeling. As someone who writes a lot of their feelings and thoughts on the internet it might come as a surprise that I find it hard to express myself verbally in the non-internet part of the world, but hey-ho, I wouldn’t be a content creator if I didn’t sometimes find it hard to express myself on the daily.

That about wraps up my end of year goals. Hopefully by writing this post, the inner cogs of my mind will remember to keep working at them as I will most likely forget that I set these goals like I did with my mid-year ones. Whoops, but also, it kind of took the pressure off? Who knows what the power of putting things out into the world is, if it exists, my life is exponentially better than it was 3 months ago when I made the first one of these lil’ posts. Let me know if you’re out there setting goals or just enjoying getting this sneak peek into a stranger’s life. I’ll be lurking in the comments waiting for ya!

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