friday 004 // the tate modern

Hello friends!

Welcome to Friday! This week has been busy. We’ve had guests pretty much all day everyday since last Thursday and that means I actually left the house and got up to some fun stuff. George and I each had a pal come down and stay with us so on Thursday, Alice, Pierre, and myself headed to the Tate Modern to soak up as much ~a r t~ as we could before we heading out for dinner. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the Tate because I am not really an “art girl”, as much as I want to be. I studied art when I was a kid taking fine art classes for years which lead me to taking Art for my GCSE’s before I finally hung up my paintbrushes and easel to pursue theatre.

it's all about the Monet

it's all about the Monet

Studying Art definitely helped me gain a great appreciation for modern art and even helped me recognise the names of certain artists here and there, but for the most part, I just don’t get it. Whatever it is. I have tried on many occasions to get it but my attempts were mostly in vain. So why oh why, was I choosing to spend a Thursday afternoon in the Tate Modern? Well, our trip to the Tate was mostly for Alice, my best friend, graphic designer extraordinaire, who left feeling super inspired and ready to create things. I really wished that I could leave galleries feeling like that but then I realised that how she feels being in a gallery is how I feel being in the theatre - and that’s okay.


For a long time, I felt lesser than because I don’t get modern art and I so frequently see girls on my feed heading up to art galleries and posting that picture of them admiring the latest works of, uh, Artie de’Artiste, and I wanted to be like that. I went so far as dragging George to the Saatchi Gallery over our anniversary weekend and we spent maybe an hour in there trying to enjoy the art before inevitably giving up and spending the rest of our time at the food market outside, which we enjoyed a thousand times more. This day should have been my first indicator that maybe being an art hoe was not for me, and yet..

Baby's first time seeing a Lichtenstein in person

Baby's first time seeing a Lichtenstein in person

Our trip to the Tate Modern, however, was not in vain despite me not getting most of the pieces. I did enjoy seeing some of the works by artists I admire like Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, and Salvador Dali, and I even learned about the Guerrilla Girls and Nan Goldin, who have shot their way up into art that totally fucks.


And I guess that’s the point of it all, right? Finding nuggets of inspiration in places that you might initially think you don’t belong in.

Maybe I do get it after all.

Until next time,


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