Mid-Year Goals for the BEST Summer (and beyond)

Hello friends! 

It’s officially June and that means it’s time for some sweet mid-year goals. The kinds of goals that mean if you start now, you'll have the best summer and end of year! If you have been here for a while, you will notice I have just a ridiculous number of posts where I talk about “being back” and my “goals” and after this amazing quiz I just took - I realised that it’s all well and good to have goals, but what good are they if you do not FOLLOW THROUGH. I realise I am already getting ahead of myself, so let’s start at the beginning, which is actually May 22nd (exactly two weeks ago). 


I woke up on the 22nd and for whatever reason was absolutely fuelled by the need - NAY, the DESIRE - to be a productive boss ass bitch. I busted out this cute little planner that I had let collect dust and got to work writing down all the things I needed to accomplish that day, along with some daily gratitude, and even my take on a timetable/habit tracker. 

It was also on this day where I took some time to reflect on what I want out of my life, my blog, my YouTube channel, and how I was going to get what I want by using the rest of this year to my advantage. As the old saying goes, time will pass whether you accomplish anything or not. And I am sure as hell not going to be someone who lets time pass without accomplishing anything. This is how May 22nd, inadvertently became, Change Day, or C-Day. 

My planners! Marble to let all my brain marbles loose and leaf to make sure I don't leaf any important thoughts behind (haha)

My planners! Marble to let all my brain marbles loose and leaf to make sure I don't leaf any important thoughts behind (haha)

Now that I’ve rambled on for what feels like an age, let’s get into what changes and mid-year goals/resolutions I have actually decided to make and why I have decided to make them. Hopefully, you take some inspiration for your own mid-year reflection or at the very least feel like you’re listening to a pal go through some self-realisation that you have known all along but have been waiting for her to realise on her own. OKAY - GOAL TIME. 

1. Stop Scrolling All Day 

Scrolling mindlessly on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and barf - even Facebook, suddenly started taking up a lot more of my time and no amount of inspirational cat pictures was getting me off my ass to actually do anything. My first mid-year goal is to cut down my scroll time to moments of relaxation or mindlessness rather than moments of procrastination. In my mind this means making sure I’m only mindlessly scrolling while waiting for the bus or winding down before bed. Or if you want to really get into where we scroll - poop time aka catching up on meme time. By cutting down my scroll time, I'm hoping all actually complete writing my summer bucket-list and have enough extra time to complete every thing on it!

2. Recognise my value and strengths 

After many, many, many inspirational TED Talks and YouTube videos, I have finally come to the realisation that through blogging and vlogging and other -oggings, I have gained a considerable amount of skills that have value. Everything from SEO to Photoshop, the life of a hobbyist blogger definitely pushes you to learn how to be a master of everything and that is a skill I have been greatly undervaluing lately. The ability to write interesting content, engage my audience, and actually make small differences in people’s lives is a strength and if I am even making one person’s day better - I consider that an absolute win. 

3. Be More Consistent in all areas of my life

I have fallen into a very bad habit of being an inconsistent friend, partner, and professional. Falling into post-grad depression really fucked up my productivity, and after finally heading back to therapy and getting my shit together, I realised how much better my life is when I just act consistently. For the lucky neuro-typical homies out there who are not burdened with having to live with a mental illness, it may be super obvious to you that forging and sticking with healthy habits makes your life better. However, for the anxious bean behind my extroverted exterior, getting to the conclusion that doing good things = living a better life takes a little bit more time. I am happy to announce though, that as of C-Day, I have reached the conclusion! Mid-year goal number three is to make sure I do everything more consistently from talking to my pals, to going to the gym, to writing for this here blog.

This was taken last June - and LOOK AT ALL THE JOY FROM JUST BEING PRESENT. I am determined to bring this back.

This was taken last June - and LOOK AT ALL THE JOY FROM JUST BEING PRESENT. I am determined to bring this back.

4. Take care of myself

Self-care is something I have always been very passionate about, from the memes of taking a bath after doing something like getting the mail to taking a weekend off to play games after a stressful work week, I totally think everyone needs to learn to balance work and play in a way that is healthiest for them. For the next 6 months of this year, my version of taking care of myself is going to focus more on physical and mental well being by going to the gym, eating better, and taking time for myself to reset and recharge when necessary. It’s unacceptable that my iPhone gets recharged more than I do. 

5. Go Home

My last mid-year goal is to go home - okay this one is less applicable to everyone but hear me out. Living in London has not been the dream that I had hoped and I am ready to finally head back to Hong Kong and live the life that I have been wanting to live. There is something in the air in this city that isn’t helping me bloom the way that I want, and I am ready to plan the big move back to Asia (all while taking you along with me for the journey). There is a lot more I can say on this point so I’ll leave it for another day, but if I can’t accomplish the other three things, this is the only thing that I have to do before the year ends.

How can you NOT want to live here?

How can you NOT want to live here?

So! Those are my 5 mid-year goals that are going to set me up for the rest of the year (hopefully). I’m going to do my best to be consistent and work towards them everyday because my new mantra doing good things = living a better life seems like the best direction to take my life in right now! Let me know in the comments below if you have any goals in particular that have helped you get your shit together because I’m always looking for inspiration one way or another. Otherwise, that’s all folks! 

Until next time,


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