The Diplomatic Win | World Poetry Day 2018

March 21st is apparently World Poetry Day! It's been a long time since I last wrote a poem on this here ol' blog (think back to the ever popular Haikus By Dog Trilogy!) As I've been sat in all day doing my dissertation - shocking, I know - let's get a little weird ~

The Diplomatic Win

Clickety-click click click
His movements tiny as a tick.
Tappety-tap tap tap
Fingers drumming on her lap.

He makes his move and sighs
An eminent win is no surprise.
She takes her turn in stride
She wouldn't want to hurt his pride.

He laughs and jeers like he's a winner
Too bad it's not his chicken dinner.
She smiles, she clicks, she taps away
"Oh my god", she hears him say.

Enact World Leader passed in game
She rises to her new found fame.
There's not much more for me to learn
I'm glad I took just one more turn.

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