Look Up, London: Visuals over Lunch

Last week, I told you all about how I was hired & fired in about the span of two weeks. If you haven't read it, grab the kettle because I have the tea. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, stalk me irl - you might also know that my new job is in good old London - right in the heart of the capital itself. So in true blogger and millennial fashion, I spent my first two weeks worth of lunch breaks walking around the new areas I was working in and took a handful of photos. Enjoy and follow me on Instagram for more because I'm obsessed and I'll be posting more on my Instagram story. (I'm proud of my Instagram so this self promotion will forever be shameless.)

Photo 26-9-2018, 1 30 47 PM.jpg
Photo 26-9-2018, 9 14 27 AM.jpg
Photo 26-9-2018, 9 15 32 AM.jpg
Photo 26-9-2018, 9 11 49 AM.jpg
Photo 3-10-2018, 10 29 36 AM.jpg

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