Meet My Ink: Tattoo Placement, Pain, and More!

As of today, September 4th 2018, I have four tattoos! There was a point in my life where I was SO sure I would be happy with one and here I am inked up and very happy. I say "inked up" as if any of these four are huge pieces, but they're actually all smaller than most and the perfect size to me. So today I'll take you through each of the four in terms of where they are, how much it hurt, where I got them and how much it cost AND the question on everyone's minds: why that?! 


Tattoo #1: The Bauhinia

Placement: Ribs ・ Pain: 2/5
Where: The Belly Bar, Canterbury・ Cost: £40

For any Hong Kong readers out there, you'll know what this is. For anyone unfamiliar, it's Hong Kong's national flower - the Bauhinia. Well, it's technically called the Hong Kong Orchid Tree or Bauhinia x blakeana upon a quick google, but to most of us at home, we just call it a bauhinia... or "that flower on the flag".

For those of you who have yet to explore my About, I grew up in Hong Kong and it's a place so incredibly close to my heart that when I realised I would be living abroad in what I consider a pivotal time in my life, I thought one way to keep my roots with me at all times was to get a tattoo. You can read more about this tattoo here!


Tattoo #2: The Rose

Placement: Bicep ・ Pain: 2/5
Where: Lucky 13, Albufeira ・ Cost: €40

This one doesn't have an amazing why behind it, honestly, I just thought it would look cool - and I was right. The short of it is, I was feeling like getting another floral done and I love roses so BAMN. Rose it was. You can read more about this tattoo here!


Tattoo #3: The Moustache

Placement: Above my Elbow ・ Pain: 4/5
Where: The Three Crows, Canterbury ・ Cost: £40

The why behind this one is a little more private than the other two so unless you want a deep dive into my little world, I'll keep it short. I was fundraising with my University for Movember and part of my tactic to raise funds was to get a tattoo of a moustache somewhere on my body as per the Movember movement. I pushed hard and ended up raising £625 in just 3 weeks! The support I got was amazing and so my lil' moustache joined the clan. 

If you'd like to read more about this lil' guy then leave me a comment egging me on to do it ~


Tattoo #4: The Wave

Placement: Forearm ・ Pain: 3/5
Where: Lucky 13, Albufeira ・ Cost: €40

Just like the rose, the wave came to be purely because of a spur of the moment feeling. It does however hold a little more weight than "this'll look SO cool". My family and I have spent every summer in Portugal by the ocean ever since I can remember. 

I've always loved swimming in the sea and so much of my life has been in, near, or pining for the ocean. Since I'm living in England with no beautiful beaches close by, I thought I'd keep the ocean with me at all times by getting some fresh ink. 


And that's four! I've definitely got some more ideas up my sleeves for what ink might come next but I got these four within the space of about 2 years, because once you catch that tattoo bug it really is like Pringles... once you pop, you can't stop. Joking aside, I have no regrets so far and I don't think I ever will. The "meaningless" tattoos have awesome stories about the place and times they were done, and when people ask about my tattoos I get to relive those happy memories. The "meaningful" tattoos obviously hold their weight in a different and equally awesome way. 

For now, that's all folks! Leave me a comment about which of these is your favourite and what tattoos you have or might want to get. And as always...

Until next time friends!
Soph x

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