I Mass Deleted My Tweets

Hello! Just a little update and also a way to mark this historic day and I guess the thought process I'm having right now. I'm currently in the process of mass deleting all of my tweets that are over a year old. I'm doing this for a number of reasons so I'll make this a handy-dandy listicle for you and for any future employer who for some reason will question my Twitter history. 

1. I barely used Twitter to begin with

Before maybe a week ago, I barely used Twitter for anything other than hoarding my handle and just general musings that only really belong on there. After scrubbing through my tweets prior to about a year ago there was nothing particularly inspiring I had tweeted. Mass deleting for this reason was really just to give me some illusion of clean slate! 

2. I got Twitter when I was 13!

Okay so I had to double check because I thought I was older but I wasn't! I got Twitter at the ripe young age of 13 and probably tweeted a bunch of random crap that no longer really aligns with me as a person at the still ripe young age of 21. Also, with all the talk of privacy and what not, I wanted to be doubly sure that whatever dumb accidental breach of my own privacy, I may have tweeted out when I was 13, was not just out there to be found as easily anymore. Gotta cover my own butt! 

3. I used to just tweet out Instagram photos

This is really the main reason I wanted to do a mass cleanse of my Twitter! I'm about to go through manually and remove those damn Instagram links that link you to the photo rather than displaying them, mostly because that's a huge pet peeve of mine, but also because a Twitter full of hyperlinks with no thumbnail is not the aesthetic I am going for right now. I don't know where I suddenly got the urge to do this but here I am... just sitting here and painstakingly deleting them. 

4. I just wanted to cover my own ass

I'm not really one to tweet out horribly offensive things to begin with, but with the rise of people being called out on past mistakes, particularly Twitter based ones, I don't want there to ever be the possibility of that happening to me. As of right now, I think my tweets are pretty neutral and non-offending and I will definitely strive to keep 'em that way. I know this almost sounds like a way to cover up something stupid that I've said in the past but I think the craziest thing I ever tweeted was "I just realised how lonely I am at home today". (One day I'll do a post on my old tweets - I did archive them before I did the wipe!) 

Well, that's really it friends. I just wanted to write this out so should someone ever question me I can link them straight to this and be done with it. I think there is merit in doing things like this before going out into the professional world, which I'm literally just about to do, so let's hope that future me is thankful that I did this today. 

Until next time friends, 
Soph x

P.S For anyone wanting to do the same I used this website! This article was written on the 5th of August and was scheduled to go out days after the mass delete happened. Aaaand if anyone really wants the tea on my old tweets, get this article viral or something and then I'll expose some of the highlights of 14 year old me tweeting.