Silverback Gorilla Adventure

It's time for pictures of Gorillas from my 3 weeks in Uganda. For some background information, check out my posts and videos about it here, here, and here. Otherwise ~

This was probably one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had with a wild animal. After trekking through the Ugandan mountains and forests, swimming in the most refreshing lakes, and falling into TWO elephant footprints - it was time to be introduced to the Mishaya family. They are a family of gorillas that have been habituated in South West Uganda in the Impenetrable Bwindi Forest.


After getting our permits to trek through the forest to find these guys, we headed to a meeting point where we were introduced to our guides and trackers. My group hiked for about an hour before finding our family, whereas you can hike for up to 5 whole hours!


After falling into a couple of elephant footprints - they were massive. We reached the spot where the Mishaya group were having a bite to eat. The gorilla above was one of the young males in the group. He was huge and hungry. He plonked himself down in that little spot and feasted on all the leaves within reach. Watch him run past us here!


There weren't a huge number of curious babies in our group, this little guy was the only one fully in view. There were a couple of other babies hiding in the trees and peeking from between leaves, which is very reminiscent of human children - cheeky!


The sheer size of these creatures is so humbling. It was honestly amazing to just be around them for an hour as they were so calm and peaceful. 


The last picture is the last picture I took before we left the gorillas in peace to finish their lunch. After spending, what felt like forever, staring at this gorilla to turn and look at me, I finally just gave up and said "bye!" to which he immediately turned and looked at me. It was an incredible experience to see these creatures in the wild, just hanging out and doing their thing. 

Unfortunately, they are an endangered species, but if you want to help with their conservation you can learn more here.

Until next time friends,
Soph x

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