iPhone Games | Travel Favourites

Is it any surprise that in my month-long hiatus I played a lot of phone games? Yeah... I didn't think so either. So without further ado, here's a look at some of the new games I've been getting stuck into whilst travelling this summer. 

Mini Metro

If you're even a little bit in love with organising and efficiency, then this is the game for you. You start off with a couple of stations and have to link them up without overcrowding them. You start off with a London, Paris, and New York City, then work your way to unlocking the other major metros of the world! Once you get really good, you can start attempting to get all the achievements, which unlock each city in Endless mode. 


Neko Atsume

Yeah? Remember that game? Well I've recently gotten back into it and can't stop collecting more kitties! They've updated loads since I last played and added loads of new cats including a handful of rare ones. I can't get over how cute they are so I've been checking in very regularly. The other upside of this adorable kitty collector? It doesn't require WiFi, so when I wake up from my nap on the plane, I can check in with my cuties. 


Heads Up

A summer classic for me. Every summer when I get back with my old friends we crack open the beers (and rosé) and play a little game. I'm also a fiend for downloading new packs, so I've definitely invested a lot into this. It's great for groups and also a huge laugh when you watch the videos back. 

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