My Long Haul Flight Must-Haves: Revitalise Kit

Today, we’re talking about one of my must haves for flights. This particular thing is something I’m so excited to share as I’ve been perfecting it over the past couple of years - my ultimate flight revitalise kit! My revitalise kit has a handful of products to make my flight experiences that much more comfortable and have me leaving the plane ready to take on a new place. So let’s get to it  ~


The Case Itself

One of the most annoying things for me is going through security and having to take all my liquids out and put them in a plastic bag. That is until I bought myself this adorable plastic toiletries case, which is now a staple in my travel accessories. It’s cute, functional, and makes those dreaded security checks much faster to get through. You just take it out and go! 

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Travel Sized Dispensers 

I had seen these being advertised everywhere for this summer season and was totally skeptical of whether it would be worth the money or not. Spoiler alert: they definitely are. I bought myself a set of three and pack two of them in my revitalise kit. They’re perfect to use to carry your favourite cream, shampoo, and conditioners everywhere you go! 

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LUSH Dream Cream & Heat Lotion

My favourite moisturiser at the moment has to be Lush’s Dream Cream. As someone with sensitive and extremely dry skin, this cream has (as the name suggests) been a dream! I’ve been using it everyday for the past two months and my eczema and dry skin have really stayed at bay. Flights are usually where my skin gets really angry because of how drying the cabin is, so having my dream cream handy in a travel dispenser has been a life saver. It’s also so refreshing to hydrate my skin right before I land, it definitely wakes me up! 

The heat lotion I use is aloe vera based and is perfect for any plane cramps and muscle ache you may have during a flight! I also use it on the soles of my feet to help me get a good night's sleep on the plane - it's just perfect.

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I tell them apart because blue is for moisturiser (because water is blue and yeah I think you get it)

I tell them apart because blue is for moisturiser (because water is blue and yeah I think you get it)



Yep. Another moisturiser. The burden of dry skin is one I must bare, but when my face cream smells amazing, I'm not complaining!


NIGHT OIL (For night flights only) 

Before I go to bed, I usually slap on the Body Shop’s Night Oil Thing. It keeps my face moisturised and the smell helps me drift off to sleep. For night flights, I want to make sure my routine doesn’t get stopped but also that my skin will stay moisturised throughout the flight. So before I take a snooze, I apply a little of this and off to dreamland I go. 

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You know the complimentary toothbrushes you get at hotels? Or maybe even in the welcome packs of other flights? I keep a spare one of these in my kit for a pre-landing brush. I always feel so grim when I’ve woken up and not been able to brush my teeth, so this is a must. It also just makes me feel more refreshed! 



If I’m landing during the day, I like to have a tiny perfume on hand just to make myself smell less like airplane and more like me. I also find a little spritz is a huge mood booster and can make you feel a little more put together to get you ready to explore wherever you’re landing! 

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Yep, another moisturiser - can you tell there’s a theme? A good lip balm (this is my fave) just aids in the whole combatting dry skin issue. 

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Eye Drops

For, you guessed it, moisture! I always get really dry eyes on a plane especially if I start off my flight with contacts in. Having eye drops on hand is always really handy! 



I’m so prone to headaches while travelling this is something I always carry just in case. I would first recommend drinking lots of water to avoid the problem all together but sometimes you just want that instant relief so you can get some rest on the flight - I know that’s usually the case for me. 

And that's my kit! 

I hope this was helpful to some of you who really struggle to stay fresh and comfortable on long haul flights! Leave me a comment below if you have any special tips and tricks to survive long flights as I'd love to know. 

Until next time friends, 
Soph x

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