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Every time I get back to Hong Kong, the first place I go is Butao! Butao is a cute little ramen place that can be found all over the city. The Causeway Bay location has even been awarded "The Best Restaurant of Causeway Bay". 

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The locations I tend to frequent are the Central one on Wellington Street and the Sha Tin one in New Town Plaza. Both of them are pretty small and can get a little cramped but it adds to the authentic atmosphere akin to the tiny ramen shops of Japan. There also does tend to be a line at peak time, but the food is well worth the wait! Here are our excited ramen faces (I think I'm a little more excited than George..!)

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Their signature ramen "Butao" is a tonkotsu ramen, which is a creamy pork-bone soup ramen. The variations of the signature ramen are the Red King (spicy, and my favourite one!), Green King (pesto), and the Black King (squid ink) which are always on the menu. To top off their already delicious menu, they have the Limited King which changes every month!

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The menu may look small, but the beauty of Butao is the customisation. When you enter they give you a menu, a pen, and a little order sheet of all the things you can customise for your very own perfect bowl of ramen! From how rich you want your soup to if you want seconds, the choice is yours. 

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My personal favourite order is the Red King with pork butt, spring onion, seaweed, and char siu (if they have any left!). On our last trip to Butao, George and I also discovered the Shizuoka Coke and I don't think either of us will be switching back to regular any time soon. 

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Now that I'm salivating, it's time for me to convince George to head there one last time before the year is over! My final thoughts on Butao is that it's the perfect place for a quick lunch, date night, or just when you're craving some ramen-y goodness. 

Until next time friends, 
Soph x

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