A Round-Up | Soph.Curates

Happy July! I'm officially back and after a couple of days to collect myself it's time to get stuck in ~

I'd like to thank every single person who decided to be a part of my first ever blog project. I had such a wonderful time reading everyone's answers and learning how to be a better creator. Personally, it took a lot of courage to message everyone and ask if they'd be interested and to be greeted with such warmth and enthusiasm made this whole experience awesome. Of course, thank you to all my readers for coming back every week and meeting the wonderful people who took part in this project. Without you guys there would pretty much be no blog.. I mean it would exist but it's more fun when other people aside from my mom read this. Lastly, shoutout to George for managing everything while I've been away. It's nice to have a helping hand when you bake a cake and eat it and then also bite too much off ~

Now onto the round up! Since it's been almost a whole month since the first post, here's a summary of the lovely people who were part of Soph.Curates! Don't forget to subscribe for new content as there will definitely be a couple more collaborations coming. Make sure you also follow everyone else to stay up to date on all the new art being brought into the world! 

And that's a wrap on Soph.Curates! 

Love always,
Soph xxx