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Describe yourself like an Instagram/Twitter bio:

 Hello! We’re Ellie and Eve and we’re both currently studying Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent and spend our time watching films, eating pizza and complaining. We are also introverts… you probably didn’t know that because we’re too awkward to tell you that we are introverts.  

What do you do?

We are both the hosts and makers of “We’ve made a terrible mistake: the life of two introverted drama students,” a podcast in which we discuss the inner most thoughts of two introverted drama students, usually relating to the news from the arts world and experiences that we’ve had so far within the arts.

The dynamic duo Eve (left) and Ellie (right)!

The dynamic duo Eve (left) and Ellie (right)!

How and why did you start?

 We came up with the idea of starting the podcast after a conversation we had about our difficulty to express opinions due to being an introvert on a course such as drama, which is typically associated with extroverts and “big” personalities.

Eve had a microphone and one day, we just recorded our conversation; the podcast allows us to have a safe environment to talk without feeling pressure or judgment that we sometimes feel in lectures and seminars. It not only allows us to learn off each other and discuss differing opinions, but also allows our audience to hear from two people who have a tendency not to be heard.

What are you currently working on/what should we be looking forward to? 

We’re still developing the structure of our podcast (we’ve only done five episodes so far!), aside from that, we are continuing to plan subject matter for future episodes. We are also discussing what we will do when we are unable to record together, due to the end of the academic year.

You should look forward to future episodes as you will get to know our thoughts and feelings on a wide range of topics, as well as being educated on various of topics within the arts outside of a lecture hall! You can also look forward to Eve’s sarcasm and Ellie’s various methods of swearing and also wheezy laughing.  

What’s your advice for people who want to get started?  

Just do it! If you have a topic that you are passionate about, talk about it because we can guarantee there are others with the same interests! You can order microphones off Amazon for £20 and you can download good quality editing software, such as audacity, for free and streaming platforms such as Soundcloud are also free.

Be consistent with your uploads as this will help you develop an audience as they become accustomed to a schedule and don’t get disheartened if you don’t get loads of listeners, we have some episodes that have more plays than others and that’s okay as people will listen eventually.

Lastly, shamelessly plug yourself!

We’ve made a terrible mistake is a podcast that is funny yet also factual and offers an insight into the opinions of the quiet kid who sits at the back of the classroom. Our podcast is uploaded every Monday onto Soundcloud and we talk about anything and everything, including Johnny Depp, adaptations and Katy Perry. Prepare for ranting, swearing and awkward laughter.

Note from Soph: Here's their first ever podcast and one of my personal favourites. Keep it up, ladies, you're doing great!