Hudson Reed | Soph.Curates

Describe yourself like an Instagram/Twitter bio:

Photographer, Comedian, and slight badass.

What do you do?

I do photography, as well as some graphic design here or there. Of course I consider myself a comedian, but nobody else really does so that’s going nowhere for me.

 How and why did you start?

Well, around 5 years ago, my great-grandfather had passed away. Of course, I was already taking photos with a point and shoot/disposables, but that’s what any 15 year old kid would be doing. So while we cleaned out his house, I found two cameras. A Polaroid SX-70, and also my all time favourite film camera, the Mamiya-Sekor 500DTL. I started casually shooting film here and there, looking into the best stores to get film developed, and then through high school took classes on photography and graphic design, which resulted in me being in a darkroom working on film photos for hours. From there, I dipped into digital photography, and the rest is history.

What are you currently working on/what should we be looking forward to?

Well, I recently just printed copies of my first publication, a 25 page magazine of film photos, and i’m considering printing a second one sooner or later, so that should be quite fun! I’m also shooting a lot of photos on my instagram, but I’m working on getting jobs in concerts and tours, so I should be getting some of those up soon as well.

What’s your advice for people who want to get started?

Just go for it. Take risks. I ended up almost getting arrested for trying to take one single photo, but it was so worth it. (Don’t get arrested please.) But honestly, taking chances, actually asking people things like “how can I get involved” or “can i shoot for you?” will get you where you need to go. And getting out there as well, going to events after events, trying for secret parties and getting on those RSVP lists will introduce you to amazing new people with huge opportunities for you. Get connected.

 Lastly, shamelessly plug yourself!

Well, I’m on twitter and Instagram as @hvddo, so give those a look, as well as my website, which is is where I post my best work.