Primark Home Mini Haul

Am I obsessed with buying new things for my house? Yes. Am I celebrating finally being done with second year? Also yes. Is this last question here to abide by the magic rule of 3? Yes. 

I'm back in the UK! That means I get to shop at Primark, which I dearly miss while I'm at home. Today, after a very successful errand run, I decided to pop up to the Primark home section after binge-watching a bunch of YouTube home hauls. I picked up a few bits and bobs, which I think will spruce up the house for the summer and make our uni home a little more homely. So, without further ado, here's what I got! 

Pillows - 2 for £6

They're super soft and cuddly and perfect for our bland little lounge. I thought 2 for £6 was decent considering there were a couple which were £5 just for one! Pink is just our signature house colour as we like to embrace our extreme girliness - and it makes our ugly sofas look acceptable. 

Heart Shaped Door Hooks - £2.50

My room unfortunately lacks place to hang towels and over the winter I took to just flinging them over the radiator and hoping for the best. I thought it was time to invest and what better investment than something gold and heart shaped. These hooks are not only super cute but they fit right on my bedroom door and are thin enough that I can still close the door - perfect! 

Weekly Chalkboard Planner - £5

Okay, so this one wasn't a necessity but it's just so cute! We already have a magnetic whiteboard in our kitchen but our pen sadly ran out of ink, so I guess that's justification enough. We also try to keep a weekly schedule so we know what's going on that week in the house so I thought this was a nice little addition to our kitchen, that keeps us organised and looks adorable! 

Duvet Cover Set - £13

Now this bad boy is the reason I went up to Primark Home in the first place. I was getting tired of plain red and also having to schedule a laundry day every time the sheets needed to be changed, so I thought a backup option was necessary. Since summer is looming, I thought I'd get a head start and make it feel summery in my bedroom all the time, I can't wait any longer! 

Best part about this duvet set, which I didn't realise until I made the bed, is that there are two sides! I love that I get a choice and the patterns on both sides are really pretty. Also shout out to my Instagram hubby for fake reading for my picture and as always, taking a picture of me fake using my laptop. Ah, the joys of blogging! 

That's all I've really got for today, folks! Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe so you get the weekly newsletter, I've had a whoooole bunch of ideas for June, which with any luck will hopefully be something you enjoy reading too. 

Much love,
Soph x