LUSH Review: Frozen

Hello friends! I think I just really loved being a beauty blogger so I'm back with another beauty post about one of the bath bombs I picked up last week. It's called Frozen and oh boy, did it help me let it all go. (I had to do it, but that's the only joke I got.)

The bomb itself is a powder blue with a darker blue line going down the middle and when it starts to dissolve it turns the bath a gorgeous bright electric blue - and the best bit? Glitter! Normally, I find glitter in bath bombs to be a bit overpowering and just makes it difficult to clean the tub, but there was just enough glitter in the bath to make it and by extension me, look magical. 

The bath smelled great and wasn't too overpowering, which is great for people with sensitive noses like me! The grapefruit, rose, and neroli oils made my skin feel really smooth and I got out of the bath feeling like a princess ~ 

After the water settles slightly, the white starts to slowly fade away and the glitter begins to just shimmer. Like I said earlier, the glitter was subtle enough to make me look shiny and leave the tub clean too.

The only problem I found with this bath bomb was my incessant need to take photos of how gorgeous the water looked and ended up getting into a bath that wasn't as warm as it should have been... beauty blogging really makes you think about time management.. anyway! 

That's all I got for now, folks! Hope you all have a lovely start to the week. 
Love Soph x