Hyde Park | Date Night

George is many things to me . He's both my best friend and the dude who attempts to dutch oven me. He's featured in a many a blog post and is my trusty Instagram hubby. We've been together for just over 2 years and in that time date night has morphed from a nervous "would you like to go for dinner with me?" to "we better leave the house today, let's go for dinner." 

Since date night ranges from extravagant to ordinary, I thought I'd start a mini-series called Date Night showcasing some of the stuff we do when we decide it's been a long time since we did traditional gross romantic stuff. So debuting Date Night is Hyde Park! 

After wistfully mentioning that I wanted to go bike-riding in Hyde Park, we decided to spend an extra day in London over the weekend to fulfill my lil' dream. We had a lazy Sunday morning at my aunt's place, complete with avocado toast and pecan maple peanut butter - so hipster. Then off we went to Hyde Park! 

On a perfect sunny Sunday, it didn't occur to us that other people might also want to ride bikes that day. We ended up walking around for ages before finally going to our starting point at the Knightsbridge entrance. We rented out our bikes and off we went for a 40 minute-ish ride. That's including me making sure we took breaks for selfies - sue me. 

My favourite point of the ride was coming up to The Serpentine because I'm a sucker for bodies of water and it's just so ~a e s t h e t i c~. After our little ride around we walked back towards The Serpentine and got ice cream and hot dogs to eat by the water.  

If you're thinking about going make sure you have breakfast because had I not eaten before we left I would have felt incredibly weak after even that short ride. The bikes themselves are quite heavy and if you're a little lady like me, that's where the struggle lies. Best and worst case scenario you can pig out on the hot dogs and ice cream after your ride. 

Safe to say, we had the perfect Sunday afternoon together. I mean it's always a lot of fun being goofy and attempting to take pictures while you're on a bike. (But please don't do that it was terrifying and if my bike had fallen then it would have only been like 40% funny.) Anyway, that's all I've got for today, if you have any good ideas for a date night please leave a lil comment, I do like human interaction! 

Until next time friends, 
Soph x

The picture that I took while we were on the bikes and felt like I could have died at any moment holy crap don't cycle and selfie, kids. 

The picture that I took while we were on the bikes and felt like I could have died at any moment holy crap don't cycle and selfie, kids.