iPhone Games | Spring Favourites

I’m a huge sucker for phone games, especially when I’m back at uni and am without my trusty double screen set up. I mostly play games whilst binge-watching whatever show I happen to be watching at the time. On many occasions that game even begins to remind me of the show (see: That 70’s Show and Candy Crush). I thought since, I have so many damn game apps that I might as well talk about it. Also, none of these are sponsored I just love me a phone game. 


Oh yeah, you read that right. Remember the blackberry classic brick breaker? Well now you can do that except you can work your way up to getting 100 balls and bricks that take upwards of 200 hits to break. It’s a classic lil arcade game by Ketchapp that I have wasted many hours on upon discovering its existence (thanks Kim)! 

My current high score: 144

the Walking Pet

Another banger from Ketchapp. Walking Pet is a game where you are a pet and you have to walk on your hind legs. It’s kind of like the pet version of QWOP. Currently, pulling my hair out because the cat I’m playing is both adorable but incapable of walking past 13. 

Current High Score: 13 

lord knows how i made it to 13, i can barely get past 0

lord knows how i made it to 13, i can barely get past 0

Dancing Line

NOW. FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS, KIDS - THIS GAME IS WILD. You are a square. You make a line and tap according to the music. The piano music that you tap away too is incredibly soothing and lovely to listen to. It’s also just super epic when the music swells as you hit a new checkpoint. What is not super epic is when you get to level 8 and start to fucking plateau because your damn brain can’t comprehend tHE FIRST 30% OF THE SONG. Otherwise this is a 10/10 game and I have literally become addicted to playing it whenever I can. 

Current Level (and mad about it): The Chaos (stuck at a whopping 29%)