Mrs Knotts Tea Room | Favourite Spaces UK

Last week, I wrote about my day trip to Dover and mentioned Mrs Knotts Tea Room, because it was one of the highlights of our White Cliffs experience! It’s located at the bottom of the lighthouse at the end of the hike and it’s just so lovely.

After trekking for about 50 minutes, the best feeling in the world is heading up to Mrs Knotts and having a bite to eat and a good old cup of tea. Between the three of us we tried a little something from every part of their menu and it was all delicious. There’s so much more about Mrs Knotts that I loved that I had to put it in another little post. 

Let's start off with the decor and ambiance. When you first walk into Mrs Knotts, it looks like it was decorated by a floral loving grandmother but in the best way. There is music playing off of vintage records, antique books and china don shelves and cabinets, and there is a wall dedicated to mismatched teacups and teapots. 

Below the teapots, on the counter just in front the most wonderful pastries and cakes are displayed before each hungry traveller. They had everything from shortbread the size of my face to sponge cakes that look straight out of a Disney animation. Safe to say, it's a real treat for any weary hiker. 

Our feast consisted of sandwiches, soup, a mozzarella slice (the green thing), a savoury scone, and of course, tea! The soup of the day was tuscan bean, and was loaded with hearty veggies. The sandwiches were your classic egg mayo and tuna mayo, and the scone was cheese. The mozzarella slice is where they got fancy as it was made of puff pastry, cheese, tomatoes and spinach. We decided to also get a lil' fancy and ordered a mixed berry tea, which was fruity and not too sweet. It wasn't the best fruit tea I've tasted but it definitely did hit the spot!

Overall, Mrs Knotts Tea Room deserved the award proudly displayed on their shelves. The food was hearty and delicious and perfect for slightly wear travellers. For us, being able to sit down and have a proper little meal made the walk back much easier. The staff were also incredibly friendly and were helpful when we couldn't quite read the map. I'm definitely going back to Mrs Knotts!

Until next time friends, 
Soph x