The White Cliffs of Dover

Another day, another adventure. Last week, I headed down to Dover with my friends from home, Zoe and Sam. It was weird for us to be reuniting in England when we're literally worlds apart in Canada, LA, and Canterbury, but we weren't going to say no! We decided to head down to Dover as Sam was desperate to see the White Cliffs on his mini road trip of England. 

Now, if you’re as type A as me, you will have attempted to plan every little bit of your trip and saw on the Kentlife website that it’s a “leisurely stroll” from the beginning of the National Trust building to the Lighthouse. Let me tell you a thing, folks. It is leisurely, if you’re relatively fit and also not sweating your balls off in jeans. We made it work as we went early in the morning and the weather called for longer trousers, but by our walk back in the noonday sun, it was… sweaty. Other than that, it wasn't too tough and, of course, it was incredibly scenic. 

We stopped off at the official viewing point, which I would definitely recommend going to because it is breathtaking. I managed to one single shot of what was over the edge but my knees were so weak from being so close to a cliff edge I couldn't bare to hold my hand over the edge any longer!

We stopped off for lunch at the lighthouse teahouse, Mrs Knott's Tea Room, which you can read about in the next post. After a well-deserved tea break, we continued on back along the chalk path. 

Overall, the White Cliffs were an amazing day out and we were so lucky with the weather. From the scenic walk to Mrs Knott's Tea Room to ending with an ice cream from the National Trust, it was lovely. My advice to anyone looking to do Dover in a day is to pick one attraction or do it over multiple days. Sam said to me that he felt like he’d done both everything and nothing!

Bonus note, we also attempted to see Dover Castle after the White Cliffs but didn’t get too far as we only got there at 3:30 and the tours all close by 5pm. We also only managed to do one tour at the castle as we didn’t realise that we couldn’t tour Fan Bay Shelter since it’s only opened from Friday to Monday.

A picture I got of the castle going in!

A picture I got of the castle going in!

aaand the other picture I got going out!

aaand the other picture I got going out!

Our day would have been complete having done one attraction to it’s fullest but running around Dover was still super worth it. I’ll definitely be heading back some time to properly check out the castle, and hopefully catch the tours around Fan Bay and the Lighthouse. 

Until next time friends, 
Soph x 

PS. Listen to the song The White Cliffs of Dover while you look at the pictures for full Dover experience. We actually learned a whole lot about the use of the tunnels underneath Dover castle and the wartimey feel of the music and knowing the history does make it all feel -that- much richer. #sophOUT