Day out in Brighton

So after a week of hiatus hopefully I'll be more on top of things over the next few months! (I know there's actually that much stuff that I have planned!!) Last week was FULL of adventures for me and one of them was a day out in Brighton! Thanks to a lovely friend who took some time out to show us around (hi Sam!) we managed to get our own little tour of the seaside city. 

Little old me has been lucky enough to have been to Brighton before but it was so much better the second time round as it was sunny! I donned my mom jeans and a crop top duo and off we went. We started off our day with lunch at BeFries and oh boy let me tell you that if anyone has innovated the french fry, it's these guys. Read more about that here

Next up, of course, we went for a little stroll along the beach and walked up to the pier. It's Brighton! How can you not! Aside from the fear of getting shat on by seagulls, the weather was perfect and my lil heart was singing. 

Then it was off to the lanes to find Choccywoccydoodah and see what other interesting things we could pick up. We decided to refrain from picking up any chocolate but then we saw a sweet shop and went ham on the pick and mix. Later on in our adventure we found an antique bookstore, which I ended up getting a book to add to my collection! 

Lady made of chocolate!

Lady made of chocolate!

We ended our day in Angel Food Bakery because I just couldn't forget their cupcakes from the last time I visited. Overall, Brighton was a lovely day out and perfect for to run off to a couple of hours, especially in the sun. Had we known that Brighton Fringe Festival was running I would definitely have caught a couple of shows but hey, I gotta save something for the next trip!

Until next time friends, 
Love Soph x