BeFries | Favourite Spaces UK

Ahh french fries. So simple, so tasty. For me I've always eaten them with ketchup or the occasional McD's vanilla ice cream, but a lil' Brighton joint has gone above and beyond and opened up my world to so much more than that. Meet BeFries - the fry shop that not only has the tastiest damn chips but a huuuuuge variety of dips to dip them in! 

They're located at 46 West St. You can't miss them and if you think you're lost you'll be sure to smell those chips! According to Sam, who works at BeFries and so wonderfully took the day off to show us around Brighton (read more here!), they fry their chips twice! And holy fuck does it make them delicious. But seriously, if you go to BeFries it's all about the dips. 

We tried 17 of the dips (2 of them we got after I took the picture) and I made a lil' game to find my favourites. I can't say I'm super adventurous as my top three were the garlic mayo, chili ketchup, and a sweet onion one whose name is sadly escaping me. I mean I'm no dip connoisseur but if I was going to keep one of those condiments in the cupboard it would have been one of those three. That's not to say all the other ones weren't amazing because oh my god they so were. They even have vegan dips! 

Lastly, their decor was adorable as per the mason jar flowers on the wall. Also, the guys who work there 1000% add you to a tab of people who take pictures of the flowers (I was the fourth person that day). Back to the decor, everything is wooden and open and you can sit or stand by a bar and watch the geniuses at work. They even have little holes in the counter for your chips to sit in! Perfect! 

I would so recommend BeFries if you're planning to visit Brighton because it was delicious and the portions are great for what you're paying. Thank you for bringing us Sam and thanks to everyone at BeFries for letting us try all the dips (and for the low chip tax!) 

Until next time friends, 
Love Soph x