New Designs on Society6

Surprise! When I'm not writing blog posts, listening to podcasts, or getting lost in whatever new farming RPG I've discovered, I also make some art. They're no Picassos but I like them and I hope you do too. If you like any of the things, you can get 'em on Society6, where my proceeds are currently supporting East African Playgrounds


inspired by a sunflower sweater I used to love as a kid


I'm just on that floral hype.

The Fun Emporium

I went to Disneyland and I really liked this picture so I put it on a blanket.

This next month will probably see a lot more prints and clear phone case designs going up so keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, here are a couple of other things that are up on my society6 page so go on over and have a look. As always, thanks for sticking around friends! 

Love Soph x