Personality vs Looks

Today, I broke my cardinal Instagram rule and posted two photos instead of just one. One was a set of me FaceTiming my dad for the first time and the other was a set of my #ootd. While to me they were both insta-worthy, the amount of likes on each photo vary. So let's talk about it. 

Post-Publish Note: this post started out really serious and as I began to write it devolved into something mildly humourous but I feel like I also make somewhat of a good point. Think what you will and read on to be taken on a literary journey. P.S it feels good to be BACK.

A quick google of "Why do selfies get more likes?" will tell you that it's because they're humanising and that "people like people". So according to the science, both of my pictures should be appealing and yet, if we use likes as a scale of appealingness, the cute-ass pic of me and my dad isn't in the ranks of a cheeky #ootd. 

To me both images represent me. Pictures of me talking to my dad on FaceTime and both of us being comically close to the camera show-off my personality whereas the OOTD shows off my looks. The former sounds a hell of a lot more humanising to me, but maybe we're just not at a point where every Instagram account can be a finsta (freedom-insta). 

To end my little thoughts on the matter, I hope that with the rise of finstas we will eventually not be shackled down by the need for our feeds to constantly be ~ a e s t h e t i c ~. I would like to live in a world where some days I can look like a fell straight out of a Pinterest pin and other days to be where people say things like "she's got a great personality". Either way, they both represent me and it's about time my Instagram represented all of me.