I Love Selfies, So What?

So this evening, I spent a solid hour or so taking selfies to avoid doing any work. Yep. No word of a lie there. I was sat on Skype with my boyfriend, chatting, taking selfies, and generally just procrastinating away my evening. Throughout this selfie-taking extravaganza, I started to go on one of those journeys where I started questioning the point of what I was doing. It all started with questioning why the fuck was I spending so long taking a selfie. 

I most definitely had and still have way more important things to be doing right now. The stakes of how thoroughly I need to do them are just not that high, so I definitely have the time to be fucking around like this. Why was I choosing to take selfies though? Because I was feeling myself and I thought that everyone should know about it. Despite the fact that it was super vain it was making me feel confident as hell. Selfies are constantly being criticised for being the marker of the narcissistic generation, but humans have always been narcissistic and now there are just more ways to prove it. 

I think the whole point of social media was to be narcissistic anyway! It was just marketed as a way for you to share your life with friends and family. The only difference is that with the invention of social media you could now reach more people. Before social media, people would write letters and diaries detailing everything they did - that has now evolved into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In a conversation with one of my housemates, we discussed how the Instagram profiles we look at the most are usually are own. It's a way for us to look back at all the cool memories we've made over the past few years! The fact that it's being publicly shared is just a consequence of using social media. These days there are plenty of ways to make accounts more private anyhow. 

The inherent vainness of social media is also what makes it interesting. The more a person talks about what they're up to and what they're doing, the more interested I am in them. The more a person shares things about what they like and what they find funny or interesting, the more interested I become. If at any point I stop being interested, I just stop following them. Again, isn't that the whole point of being able to follow and unfollow people?

On that note, I think when following someone it's important to take everything they post with a pinch of salt. Social media will never be a truly accurate representation of a person. It's just one aspect of them that they are in control of - and that's what I love. I enjoy seeing the way that people present themselves. It's an art. I love seeing what they feel is an important thing to share with their social circles and I'm lucky enough to be one of those people. 

Lastly, to end my selfie taking session I decided to post it on Instagram. This is where I've decided to make a slight change in my social media game. Alongside my standard insta-caption, I've decided to add on "What You Don't See" and a little snippet of what can't be seen in the picture. For me, it'll be a way of sharing little thoughts in the moment, but also highlight how there are always going to be things you can't see on social media. It'll also be an extra little memory for me to look back on. And I think that's pretty cool. 

Above: The selfie that spurred this all on.