Dear MAC

Dear Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, Estee Lauder, Kiko, Urban Decay and any other make up brand with Asia-Pacific branches, 

This is an open letter to you from a dark-skinned fan of your products. It focuses on my experience in your Hong Kong stores. 

First, let me begin by telling you how much I adore your large ranges of eyeshadows and lipsticks, your constant flow of limited edition products, and your very helpful and knowledgeable staff. On my many trips to your stores I have found what I am looking for - except for one thing:

Colour diversity in your facial products. 

Where are the shades of dark chocolate and mocha?
Where are the shades of "dark" that you advertise on your website?
Where are the products that cater to the other 100,000* non-fair skinned individuals?

We may only make up around 6% of the Hong Kong population but I feel like it's only fair for you to stock the products you so readily advertise in your stores, on your websites, and on your social media. 

The other day I went from store to store looking for a foundation that would be suitable for my skin tone. Not a single store carried my shade or anything even close. What I was greeted with was a colour range of Light to Dark Medium. Between these two shades were at least 10 different colours for all the fair skinned people under the sun - or rather the shade. If any of them got even so much as a slight tan, I'm sure they would be where I am now - foundationless. 

My request is simple. I would greatly appreciate if you started to stock small amounts of foundation, primer, BB Cream and concealer in shades darker than your apparent darkest shades of hazelnut, nutmeg, and medium. 

*An estimated figure based on the demographics from the Race Relations Unit website.