Pokemon Go and Mental Wellness

With it's immensely successful release in July of this year, Pokemon Go really took the world by storm. Millennials and children alike took to their phones (or their parent's phones) and headed out to explore the big, wide world. So why am I talking about this now? Simply because of Mental Wellness.

I was inspired to write this post months ago when I saw this instagram, which documented the places Maddie found pokemon. In her post explaining why she wanted to do this, she simply stated that it was for her mental wellness. As someone who also has a mental illness, it was refreshing to see someone else openly discuss it as well as a share a coping/recovery method. I've only gotten around to doing it now because of a particularly bad day I was having last week. 

It was just one of those days where not only was it raining outside, but it was raining on my insides too. I had a couple of minor assignments to do and a load of chores piling up. The anxiety was starting to weigh in and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. To try and calm myself I decided to leave 10 minutes earlier than normal so I could take a leisurely stroll up to campus. On my walk, much to my dismay, I couldn't take my mind off the stress I was feeling. Then it came to me, I took out my phone and checked to see what Pokemon might be sneaking around nearby. 

Before I knew it, I was on campus and ready to face my seminar. It doesn't sound like much and Pokemon Go certainly isn't going to solve all my problems. It does, however, motivate me to explore my local area, walk more places, and above all else get some fresh air when I'm feeling trapped inside. Sometimes that's all you might need to gain some clarity or have a little cry. Fresh air is a wonderful thing and I think we should all start walking a little bit more. It also helps to remind me that video games in aren't a waste of my time, but rather a way for me to destress and get my head in a better place.

Check out my catches from around the globe. Still playing, still loving it. Comment below if you're still playing and who your favourite is!