A List of Things I'm Angry About

I've divided them into the main categories they so beautifully fall into. They're in no particular order I just wanted to vent. 

The Patriarchy

  1. I proudly tell people my boyfriend is an engineer and they respond with "Lucky you! Looks like you'll never have to work a day in your life!"
  2. I'm told I can't be this angry because it's unattractive or unladylike.
  3. Breastfeeding mothers in public are still told to "cover up" or take their baby to the bathroom to finish feeding. 
  4. Tampon tax is/was a thing. 
  5. When people say feminists hate men. (We do not.) 


  1. Local students from my University complain about having to pay £9000 a year when International Students pay upwards of £12000. 
  2. I'm told doing a degree in Drama is "easy".
  3. International students will be kicked out of the country within 4 months if they can't find a job that provides them with a Tier 2 visa. 
  4. The one thing that will make me employable is a £40,000+ piece of paper, which is awarded to me on the basis that I complete something like 10 essays (?). And if those essays aren't good my expensive piece of paper will be almost completely useless. 
  5. League tables. 
  6. When people teach (rather preach) abstinence over actually teaching young people what to do. 

The Working World and The Glass Ceiling

  1. One day I'll get a job but probably be paid way less than my male coworkers because I'm a woman.
  2. I'm told I can't do something because I'm too young - regardless of how qualified I am. 


  1. I'm told to stop complaining because others have it worse than I do - sometimes I want to vent! Let me vent!
  2. The fact I'm mad about things that are out of my control. 
  3. When people say I'm overreacting - ever think you just really hurt my feelings? 
  4. When my anxiety is brushed under the carpet because "how can a DRAMA student be anxious?!"


  1. Militant vegans that try to educate me on the horrific state of the meat industry. I get it, the meat industry is totally questionable; but I also want to eat my burger in peace. 
  2. My dog won't sit in my room with me. 
  3. When journalists discuss how social media is making us less sociable. 

For those wondering what in the world brought this on...

I've always thought of myself as a very emotionally open person. If I'm sad, you'll know. If I'm happy, you'll know. And if I'm angry, you'll definitely know. This morning, my boyfriend made it apparent to me that when I'm angry I'm incredibly sarcastic and passive aggressive - and he's right. Unfortunately, I am a force to be reckoned with when I'm angry because for me it's an all encompassing emotion. On top of that, I usually bottle up everything that's pissed me off and if you know people that do this, you know that once that bottle gets filled, even the smallest thing will set them off. 

Well today's small thing set off an unnecessary fight that I wish just didn't happen, but alas life goes on. I began thinking of all the reasons that I'm suddenly so angry all the time and I decided to make a list. I've found casually blogging about one frustrating issue to the next just isn't quite hitting the spot, so enjoy a list of everything that subconsciously frustrates me to the point I take it out on someone I love more than anything. If anything this is will be a list of future posts, if I decide there is more to say on the matter other than "get your shit together, society".