5 Super Easy (and Cheap!) Christmas Gifts

It's that time of year again! Unfortunately for you, you're a student who's sitting in a student house eating spaghetti with cheese because you're out of "real" food and dangerously low on money. Even though all of your friends are in the same boat you've all decided to get each other Christmas presents. Now you've got to figure out how to get someone a good gift for under a fiver. 

Well look no further! I too, am a student! However, I am a student who managed to get all her friends Christmas presents without breaking the bank. So here's a couple of ideas of what to get your friends this Christmas and still be able to go on that last society pub crawl. 


1. The 21st Century Mixtape

Remember the days when someone would profess their love for you with a cassette tape of all your favourite songs? Me neither... But! From watching 90's romcoms it seemed to be a pretty romantic and thoughtful thing to do for someone. So why don't we update it and bring it into the 21st century?

Get yourself a USB and transfer songs onto it and add a digital set list or note to tell them what you've included or to wish them a Merry Christmas! I did this for my secret santa as the gift limit was £5 and she loved it! For your friends abroad, you could put together a Spotify or Soundcloud playlist of all your favourite songs or songs you think they'd like and send it to them on Christmas day with an e-card and a cute message. 

You could also potentially put films or TV shows on it that you think they would like! 

Some USBs that I use for movies, music, and TV Shows. I decorated them with nail polish and sharpies!

Some USBs that I use for movies, music, and TV Shows. I decorated them with nail polish and sharpies!

2. A Heartfelt (or Damning) Collage 

In the age of Facebook damning/adorable collages being posted on Facebook walls, why not make a physical copy for your best amigos to decorate their rooms with? Use your incredible Photoshop skills or if you're like me and you're a little bit lazy, just Google "photo collage free" (Fotor is my favourite one) and then start collaging!

When you're done head to your local Boots or wherever prints photos for cheap and print it out. Then get a gorgeous frame like this one, this one, or this one and put your creation in for a professional looking finish. 

3. A Painting/Sketch/Poem

For your fellow creatives out there, use your talents! If you're a painter, paint a picture for your friend! If you're a graphic artist, sketch up a little something for your buddy! If you're a writer, write a little poem or short story for your pal! In theory, this sounds like something that would be incredibly cringey but in reality it's a wonderful gift to receive and all you're really putting into it is your time. But isn't that what Christmas is all about anyway? Being sentimental and sharing the love with all those around you?

I sure think it is, and this is definitely worth thinking about. So far I've made and received paintings as presents and so far the success rate has been 100%. GO BE CREATIVE! 

Some good size canvases can be found right here.

A painting I did for my boyfriend's birthday! He loved it. 

A painting I did for my boyfriend's birthday! He loved it. 

4. A Scrapbook, Sort of

For you new lovers or old friends, a standard scrapbook of all your good memories over the year is always a nice gesture. But if you're not a fan of being normal, then step up your scrapbook game by making it themed! From cooking to music, there are tons of things you can collect a bunch of things to scrapbook together. To make sure that this doesn't end up on a shelf collecting dust, you can always leave half the scrapbook empty for them to fill in with new ideas! 

These are some of the cutest notebooks and scrapbooks I could find:

5. A Christmas Card

When all else fails and all you can afford is a card, then go for it. The beauty of giving a gift is no matter how big or small it is, the fact you even thought of the person will be enough! If you're feeling creative then making your own card or personalising a pre-bought/e-card is a great way to show your amigos that you really care about them. 

Here are a couple of cute cards you can get, so you can start pouring your heart out: 

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