It's Christmas!


Hopefully that's in your face enough to know that it's Christmas day! Finally it's time to snuggle up in our pyjamas, open all our presents then stuff ourselves with Yuletide food until we pop. I'm privileged and blessed enough that every holiday season I get to do just that. However, this morning I got to thinking about the people who don't necessarily always have the merriest of days. My Facebook feed is always filled with videos and photos showing the terrible things going on in the world, yet they always lack a call to action for how I can help. 

I've put together my top 3 charities that I believe are working towards making the world a better place. And this is my call to action - if you have a spare moment to spread the word, donate, or get involved with a non-profit organisation, then GO FOR IT!  


They believe that water is the wayThey work towards bringing safe water and sanitation to those who still lack access to a fundamental human need. Read more about what they do here and donate here

2. Room to Read 

They believe that education is the way forward. They work towards developing literacy in developing countries as well as having gender equality in education. Read more about what they do here and donate here

3. East African Playgrounds 

They believe that play is the way forward. They work towards building playgrounds for children and training adults in how to build and maintain them. They also work run arts and play sessions to help with childhood development! Read more about what they do here and donate here! Support my work with them here

~ Merry Christmas everyone! Get giving! ~