BLOG UPDATE: Top Nav and Newsletters!

Hello! It's me! I did some cool things so let's talk about it. 

With 2016 coming to a close and a year of blogging, if you can call my blatant slacking off "blogging", under my wing - I feel like I've finally sort of settled on the kind of posts I want to write! It means so much to me that I've finally gotten my head out of most of the clouds and I'm ready to be consistent with actually posting for once, as well as be semi-consistent with the kind of stuff that I'm posting.

SO let's use a good old listicle to take a look at the updates AND what you can expect in 2017 if all goes well:

About time? I think so. You can finally see the kind of shi- stuff, I'm writing about in 3-ish neat little categories. If you didn't scroll up to see it, there it is. Just. Right there. Yep! Below you. 

Now this one has been a long time coming but it's been a lot harder to do than I originally thought, so bear with me as I sort this out in 2017. BUT on the super good side of things, you can now subscribe for updates! So go on. I know you want to, just go for it. 

Now this one is a long shot and it'll probably be a while before this happens, but if all goes well in 2017, then you might be able to subscribe to JUST the content you want to be updated on. BUT! We'll have to wait and see. 

This is a scary one considering there's like a solid 5 of you out there at the moment. However maybe on the first birthday of soph.creates I'll bite the bullet and do it. No better way to learn to ride a bike than to just jump on and keep going until you get it, right? Right! 

I know it's a short list but I think those are some pretty decent changes considering the email thing took me aages to figure out. Anyway, I will go back to a "regular" post on Friday. I was just so excited by all the new things I felt like I should share with you. 

I hope you stick around for more! Can't wait for 2017 now!