Is it Bad to be Whipped?

A common discussion topic in my household is who has the most whipped partner. Spoiler alert: I win "Most Whipped Partner" every time. After struggling to justify that he's not that whipped, I've come to the conclusion that having a "whipped" partner actually a good, if not GREAT thing.

First, let's talk about what being whipped actually means. According to the incredibly reliable source that is, the definition is as follows: 

This is a screenshot. Please do not press the sound button. You pressed it, didn't you?

This is a screenshot. Please do not press the sound button. You pressed it, didn't you?

As accurate as that is, I think the use of "whipped" has changed from "completely controlled by someone" to "is happy to do something for someone". I think this change is pretty upsetting because now anything constitutes being whipped. So now, if I ask my boyfriend to help me wash some dishes or to hold my bag, he's suddenly whipped! 

Now, hear me out. Washing dishes and holding a bag may seem like "whipped" things to do, but are they really? No. They're not. If I ask George to help me wash dishes after a dinner that we've both eaten and he says yes, he's simply being helpful. If anything he's doing something that he would have done anyway if he was eating alone! If I ask him to hold my bag because my back or shoulders are aching and he does it, he's not whipped, he's just being caring. He'd rather hold something for me than let me be in agony. Is that being whipped or just loving? 

In the same respects, if he asks me to help him with laundry or help make his bed, and I do it - why am I whipped? If I help him with some chores that need doing and help do things I would do if I was on my own, surely I'm just being a good guest and girlfriend. I could go on and on and on with different examples of how being caring, loving, and sensitive towards your partner's needs and vice versa, are usual misconstrued as being whipped but I think they're all easily summed up in this simple sentence: 

If you love someone, you're happy to help make their life easier. 


Life's way too short to constantly be yelling at someone to help you around the house, or even to be the person being yelled at. Helping your partner out when they need it shouldn't be considered a negative thing. Being considerate is a great quality to have in a partner. Sometimes we all need a helping hand and if that hand reaches out to you and then you brand it negatively, it probably won't come back. So here's my call to action guys: BE WHIPPED! There's never a bad moment to be a good person.