Dear Cast and Crew of The Cherry Orchard

This is essentially going to be an elongated version of what I attempt to say to you all through drunken tears tonight. So bear with me as I delve deep into my inner (still a little drunk) feelings. 

To the cast, 
You guys were phenomenal tonight. I watched you perform the best I’ve ever seen you. As I watched you bring the characters of The Cherry Orchard to life, I wanted to laugh, cry, and love with you all. As James and Emily touched on in their speeches, you grew as characters, people and friends in such a short but wonderful space of time. It was honestly an honour to work with such a patient and understanding as well as hilarious cast. 

To the directors,  
Where do I even begin? The directing blew me away. From those first moments where you engaged the cast fully in every rehearsal to those pre-emptive meetings with crew members to discuss ideas about the show, a little bit of everyones vision was in the show. It helped us all feel connected to one another no matter how much time we spent together. You honestly managed to foster a safe and trusting space for cast and crew alike. 

To the crew, 
I can’t think of more humble and sweet people to have worked with. It doesn’t matter that I met all of you on show night or briefly once during a rehearsal, we were all in it together. We all worked incredibly hard on The Cherry Orchard in ways that I have yet to see another crew come together on. 

To us all,
I think we did an incredible job bringing Chekhov’s play to life from the acting and staging to the trailer and lights. We’re all one big family as it was drunkenly reiterated over and over again. Still so incredibly proud to have been your publicity officer, I couldn't have been part of a better show. The love really is felt through everyone and I think that’s the most beautiful part, don’t you?