Minecraft: Hello, World!

I’ve recently gotten back into playing Minecraft, which means I’m back on the server that George (my other half) created. When we first started playing together we thought it’d just be casual, nothing too fancy, just a couple of hours here and there, maybe building a few houses in creative or busting our asses in survival. Well, it’s been a year and a half and our world has become so much more than that. It’s something that we’ve poured endless amounts of hours into and where some people think it’s kind of sad or incredibly nerdy (which it totally is but hear me out), it’s also one of the most incredible things I have ever had the pleasure of creating. So! Because of a recent chunk crash and the mini heart attacks that ensued, I’d like to introduce you all to that world. 

This was the first ever city to be created. It’s where new players first spawn and our Town Hall has a couple of little things to get new players started. Nutzville started long before I even joined the server and was a joint venture between George and his friends. Some of Nutzville’s defining features are the AT-AT, the Train Station, and the Bank. It’s safe to say that Nutzville is pretty much George’s baby. 

Town Hall and Enchantment Tower

Jollypeels Bank

Anchor Furniture Store with Poseidon's Grove in the Background

The Nutzville Hotel

AT-AT and Train Station

If you use the NTR, the first town you’ll hit is Burkshire. Named after yours truly, Burkshire is my pride and joy. It’s also the first place outside of Nutzville where you can buy or rent a house, should you not want to build your own. Burkshire’s defining features are The Post Office, Marketplace and Stables. 

The residential houses of Burkshire and The Farmhouse.

The stables! My pride and joy. Also filled with a ton of horses.

The stables! My pride and joy. Also filled with a ton of horses.

The Marketplace, filled with local farmers!

The Marketplace, filled with local farmers!

The Barn! 

The other animals! 

The other animals! 

From Burkshire Station, you can ride the rainbow rail all the way out to Reinbeau. A small interlinking, farming village between the main towns and the outlying Mining town of Conkvale. It’s defining features are it’s colourful sheep. 

Conkvale is our first town with Minecrafts own villagers. It’s biggest appeal is massive mountain side abundant with ore. For those willing to travel all the way out there, it might be worth taking a donkey in order to carry all your sweet loot back home. 

Our home away from home, Survivalton is the furthest village away from the main city, taking around 10 minutes of real time on via rail. It’s the first grassy plain we could find and was founded on the basis of wanting to have a pet tiger. As the name suggests, it’s one of the few towns built entirely in survival mode. 

Survivalton! In all its glory (minus the cattle and horses).

All our cattles and horses. (Yes, I do name each and every one of the horses).

Spooky Town
Halloween themed and recently struck by a chunk crash, Spooky Town is the newest place in our world. It’s defining features are the Maze, Graveyard and Castle. 

The graveyard of all our lost animals. (We had a rough day in Survivalton). 

Apple bobbing! In a giant "barrel". Have yet to test to see if this game works.

The maze! Complete with zombies and extra puzzles once you complete it. 

As the world grows, I’ll probably post more about it. I’m honestly just proud at our progress and how imaginative two people can really be. If you’re interested in learning more about our world, please leave a comment!