The Importance of the Comma

There are a lot of things that I can do, for example, I can ride a bike, I can say the alphabet backwards, and I can even wake up just in time to get off at the right stop, after having fallen asleep on public transportation. Recently, however, it was brought to my attention that there are also a lot of things that I cannot do. At the very least, I cannot do them correctly every time. One of those things, is correctly using goddamn commas. 

I can sense your eyebrows furrowing, I can feel the laughter bubbling up inside of you. "How!", you scream at me through your screen, "HOW can you NOT use COMMAS correctly?!". The answer is very simple my darling reader, commas are fucking stupid. Ha, only joking. I struggle to use them because when you grow up sort of bilingual, not all of the grammar, syntax, and even meaning translates directly from one language to the other. 

It's interesting to me that the way I am perceived in English is totally different to how I would be perceived in German. To some extent, it's almost as if I am a different person when speaking the different language. It's fascinating to me how much culture is embedded into a language and how much of a person's identity can be influenced just by growing up bi- or multilingual. For some people it might be things like being able to switch off their brain in one language and think completely in the other, but for me, I just struggle to use commas. 

N.B. Mad props to George for proofreading my posts in case of comma mishaps. 

Update: Upon proofreading a post yesterday he exclaimed "I can't believe you can use hyphens correctly but you still can't use commas." #struggle