30 Day Abs and Butt Challenge

As a result of actually sticking to this year's New Year's Resolutions, my flatmates and I have taken to doing a combination of Abs and Butt challenges over the next 30 days. We're currently using an app and a video: the links are here (abs) and here (butt)!

So why have I suddenly actually gotten the energy and motivation to do this? For one very simple reason: I want to have a bangin' bod for my anniversary. Literally no other reason other than that. But hey, it's working isn't it? I've also found that having the girls around to giggle with and complain with while we all suffer through Kelly's butt workout makes it all the more fun. 

So far we are on Day 4 - and lucky for us it's a rest day! But here's how the first 3 days were for me. 

Day 1
Feelings pre-workout: Excitement! Determination! 
Feelings post-workout: Anger. Hatred.
5 words to describe my experience: Stop making me exercise, Jess. 

Day 2
Feelings pre-workout: Less excitement... Still determined though.
Feelings post-workout: Rejoice (the pain in my legs had gone!), Happy (yay we did day 2!)
5 words to describe my experience: This could be much worse.

Day 3
Feelings pre-workout: Super unexcited
Feelings post-workout: Pain, loathing, a little bit of joy
5 words to describe my experience: Holy shit, stop this madness.

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