Goal Setting and Motivation

If I haven't already shoved it down your throat or overloaded your Facebook feed with my custom designed trading cards and student night offers, then you probably don't know I started a little business earlier in the month. (You can check it out here, here and here.) When I first started out my supervisor (Hi Lessa!) gave me some pretty solid goal setting advice. She said there is nothing too big that I can't achieve and that "if it doesn't scare you, it's not big enough!". I've been mulling over this for quite a while now, because not only was it damn good advice but it's recently pushed me to set goals for myself both inside and outside of my business bubble.

Within the business, I decided my goals would revolve around travel and super-future planning. Things like going to Amsterdam and maybe even eventually being able to pay for a house! Scary stuff, but it scares me enough to motivate me to actually go out into the world and achieve those things. Outside of the business, I started goal setting on a smaller scale. I started wearing heels to my Salsa classes and have been pushing myself to be more inventive with ingredients when cooking dinner. These may sound like very little goals, but they still motivate me to reach for higher grounds in the everyday areas of my life.

I've found that goal setting is a key factor in how I motivate myself to do things. I envision setting my goals like my To-Do List of life. I get immense satisfaction from creating To-Do Lists and even more when I get to cross something off. With my recent goal setting craze, I've realised even the smallest of goals have motivated me to do things I would normally brush aside for no other reason than "I can't be fucked" - a rather negative outlook, in my opinion. 

So, if you're struggling to find the motivation to do things, my advice to you is to set goals for yourself. It doesn't matter if they're huge goals like 'ride bareback on a shark"* or small goals like  'remember to wear matching socks', if you want it enough, you can achieve it. There's never a goal or dream too big! 

*Disclaimer: do not attempt to do this please. It's probably super dangerous. And illegal. But if you can find ways around it, I guess go for it. Top tip: you can punch a shark in the nose and swim away if it gets to be too much.